Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company

Rs. 14,999.00
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Private Limited Company

Rs. 14999.00


What Is Included In Our Company Registration Package?

All Things included in our package.

DSC for 2 Directors
DIN for 2 Directors
Name search & approval
ROC Fees & Pan card

Process with us for Company Registration

Collection of Documents 
Our experts will collect the necessary documents and information.

Obtain DSC and DPIN from us
After submitting your documents we will provide you with DSC and DPIN.
Verification and Name Approval
Details provided by you will be verified and then we shall apply for name approval.
Document Submission
We will create all the required documents and file them with ROC on your behalf.
Your work is completed
Once your company is incorporated, we shall send you all the documents and DSCs.

Documents Required For Company Registration

Copy of PAN Card and Aadhaar Card of Directors(Self Attested)
Passport Size Photograph of Directors
Identity Proof- Voter ID/ Driving Licence/ or Passport(Self Attested) 
Residential Proof of Directors- Electricity Bill/ Bank Statement/ Telephone Bill (Not Older Than 2 Months)
Rent Agreement (If Rented Property), Copy Of Property Papers(If Owned Property)
Electricity/ Water Bill/ Telephone Bill (Business Place) (Not Older Than 2 Months)
Any Other Information, if Required , Will be Communicated 

Steps For Company Registration

Application of DSC & DPIN 
First of all, the Directors have to apply for Digital signature and DPIN. Digital signature is an online signature used for filing and DPIN refer to Directors PIN number issued by MCA. If the directors already have DSC and DPIN, then this step can be skipped.

Name Approval 
You need to provide 3 different options for your company name to MCA of which one will be selected. Names provided should ideally be unique and suggestive of company business..
MOA & AOA Submission 
Once name is approved, one needs to draft Memorandum of Association and Articles of Associate. Both MOA and AOA are filed with the MCA with the subscription statement.
Get Incorporation Certificate 
It typically takes 15- 25 days to form a Private Limited Company and get the incorporation certificate. Incorporation Certification is a proof that company has been created. It also includes your CIN number


Frequently asked questions

1. What is Private Limited Company?

Private Limited Company registration is the most popular legal structure option for businesses in India. A private limited company can have a minimum of two members. The directors of a private limited company have limited liability to creditors. In a case of default, banks/creditors can only sell company’s assets but not personal assets of directors. If you want to start a company in India then make sure your company is registered as Company Registration should be your first priority. It is very important to register your company as a registered company have multiple advantages from easy to register to easy to dissolve.

3. Is it necessary to have 2 directors for Private Limited Company Registration? Is How Do I Get Started?

Yes, you need a minimum of two directors for a private limited company. The maximum members can be 200. If you are the sole owner, you can register as a One Person Company.

5. For incorporation of private limited company do I have to be present in person?

The entire procedure is 100% online and you don’t have to be present at our office or any other office for incorporation. A scanned copy of documents has to be sent via mail. They get the company incorporation certificate from MCA via courier at their business address.

7. Can NRIs/Foreign Nationals become a Director in Private Limited Company?

Yes, an NRI or Foreign National can become a Director in a Private Limited Company. They can get a DPIN from Indian ROC. Also, they can be a majority shareholder in the company. But, at least one Director on the Board of Directors must be an Indian Resident.

9. Why A Private Limited Company Is Called A Separate Legal Entity?

A Company Is A Legal Entity And A Different Person Established Under The Act. A Company Is Treated As A Different Person Which Can Own Property And Have Creditors Or Debts. The Members (Shareholders/Directors) Of A Company Will Have No Liability To Creditors Of A Company In Case The Company Is Unable To Pay The Debts.

2. Who can be a member in Private Limited Company?

Any individual/organization can become the member of the private limited company including foreigners/NRI. However, the individual must 18+ above in terms of age and should have a valid PAN card.

4. What is the time taken by in forming a Private Limited Company? can incorporate a Private Limited Company within 15-25 days. The time took also depends on relevant documents provided by the applicant and speed of approvals from government. To ensure speedy registration, please pick a unique name for the proposed Company and make sure you have all the required documents prior to starting the registration process.

6. What if I have only one director for my Private limited company?

Well, you can get someone from your family or friend circle as the second direction and give them marginal share, e.g, 0.01%. You also have the option to register a One person company, but it will not be possible to add directors in OPC later.

8. Can a salaried working person also become director of a private limited Company?

Yes, you as a salaried person can become the director in private limited, LLP or OPC private limited company. You need to check your employment agreement if that allows for such provisions. In most, cases employers are comfortable with the fact that their employee is a director in another company.

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